Sunday, March 2, 2014

AdWorkMedia Review - AdWorkMedia vs CPALead

AdWorkMedia Review

If you are on this page, you are probably looking for a review for the network AdWorkMedia. Read below and learn everything you need to know about AdWorkMedia.

AdWorkMedia Scam

Is AdWorkMedia a scam? Does AdWorkMedia actually pay it's affiliates? You're probably reading this if you're wondering if AdWorkMedia is a scam. First of all, AdWorkMedia is not a scam. They are a network that pays all of their publishers on time. They also take pride in their reviews on AffPaying, a network review site. is where you can view their AffPaying reviews.

AdWorkMedia Support

AdWorkMedia provides outstanding support through two methods, tickets and instant messaging. Support tickets are usually replied to within an hour and all messages sent to either Dennis or Dave are replied to almost instantly. This is a big plus when you are looking for an early payment or have a question. Overall, support is a lot better than most networks that I have worked with.

AdWorkMedia vs CPALead
Is AdWorkMedia better than CPALead? AdWorkMedia vs CPALead, who wins? Well, there has been a lot of discussion on this topic, and I would like to declare AdWorkMedia the winner (this is my opinion, you are entitled to one as well). The support is far better than that of CPALead, also, offers are more organized, there are not 20 different offers for the same offer for different countries, there's only one, allowing easier scrolling and offer promotion. Also, the addition of smart links allows you to redirect the user to the correct offer when using AdWorkMedia. Payments are also sent within an hour of me making a ticket on AdWorkMedia, this is especially useful when you need quick money or need to reinvest money into new niches or promotion.

AdWorkMedia vs ShareCash

AdWorkMedia vs ShareCash is another popular debate on forums that are dedicated to discussing such topics. AdWorkMedia beats ShareCash, hands down. Sharecash uses offers from networks such as AdWorkMedia, this means that AdWorkMedia provides better tracking and increased offer values, the result being a higher payout for the same amount of traffic and leads. 

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